Trade Claims

Bowery Investment Management, LLC is an experienced direct purchaser of bankruptcy claims. A sale of your claim to Bowery eliminates the risk and expense of the bankruptcy process while providing an immediate payment to you. If you or your business is owed money in a Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 case, receivership, insurance liquidation, foreign administration case or insolvency, Bowery is interested in purchasing your claim. The firm is able to purchase claims in domestic and international cases, including: secured claims, administrative (503(b)(9)) claims, priority claims, general unsecured claims, SIPA claims, and contract or lease rejection claims. Our knowledgeable team, led by Bradley Max, is prompt, courteous and thorough while offering customizable terms, competitive pricing and a transparent process. Bradley has an extensive legal background and is a very experienced professional in the business.

Please contact Bradley Max for Trade Claims inquiries.